Topps Super 70s Sports box baseball cards

2020 Topps Super 70s Sports box review

If you’ve followed our site, you know the story by now. I got back into the hobby of collecting baseball cards last year just prior to the pandemic. So did thousands of other baseball fans and some who saw an opportunity to make some money. Fans missed baseball and collecting cards helped to fill that void.

Here is my late review.

2020 Topps Super 70s Sports baseball card review

I did manage to get some video when I opened the two boxes I ordered. Unfortunately, it did cut off towards the end of the 2nd box.

The Cost

The price for one box of Topps Super 70s Sports was $24.99 through the Topps website. With tax the total was $26.99 and I chose free shipping which as expected takes a little bit longer to recieve. It is too late to purchase these from Topps. They are listed on ebay for $40-$45. That’s a bit high in my opinion but these were a limited run as well. The print run was: 8,971.

The packaging

The packaging wasn’t as cheap as I thought it would be. There is a hard plastic case inside that the cards are in with a padding on one side. The tape needed to be taken off and once I opened the plastic case, the first card was stuck to the top of the lid. I didn’t force it out at the time so just kept it there at first.

The odds for an autograph

The odds for an autographed card is 1:3 packs. I was lucky and got an autograph in each of my two packs.

The looks

I have been really nostalgic lately and I love the looks of these cards. This is one of the main reasons why I purchased these packs. The back of these cards is a thing of beauty. It is a throwback to what I remember cards looking like growing up. It gives it a vintage feel.

These cards were designed by Ricky Cobb, the creator of the Super 70s Sports account on Twitter. His autograph is one of the ones available in this set.

The autographs are on a sticker. That’s not something that’s a deal breaker but most collectors want autographs on the card. It makes it a little more to know that the player signing the card touched the card. That’s probably the only complaint that I would mention and it’s really not a huge deal.

Final thoughts

This was a fun break. I wish I’d have purchased a few more packs and I will for the right price. The design is top notch and I’d love to chase the other Rangers autographs. Overall the 2020 Topps Super 70s Sports box was a fun product.

Here are the two autographs in my packs.

Al Oliver and Luis Tiant autograph
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