As a die-hard Rangers fan, I’ve never seen such a joyous and triumphant celebration as the Texas Rangers’ World Series Championship parade.

According to Arlington police, a crowd of around 500,000 showed up to help the Rangers celebrate their first ever championship.

The players rode through the crowd in the back of pickup trucks with their names showing on the top of the cabs, their smiles beaming with pride. Nathaniel Lowe probably had the most fun of any player as he ended up shirtless.

The crowd chanted “MVP” as World Series MVP Corey Seager drove by.

After the parade, the players made their way to the stage where fans saw Chuck Morgan say a few words to introduce the World Champion Texas Rangers!

First up was the Mayor of Arlington, Jim Ross. Thanks Rangers owner Ray Davis came up and thanked the Rangers employees. He didn’t mention anything about sinking more money into the team this off-season to pursue another championship. This probably wasn’t the time for that but it would have been nice to hear.

Chris Young makes comments, starts ” Let’s Go Rangers” chant

Chris Young, a lifelong Rangers fan, kicked off the celebration at the Rangers World Series Parade by rallying the crowd with a ‘Let’s Go Rangers’ chant.

Bruce Bochy thanked Chris Young, his coaches, player and the fans. Bochy also seemed to be impressed “This is my first year in Texas, you guys can party, huh? I love it.”

Adolis Garcia, the ALCS MVP, said some words that includes a thank you to fans through his interpreter.

Corey Seager gets the last laugh

World Series MVP, Corey Seager, ended the whole thing with a legendary mic drop. It already was going to but his name will live on in Texas Rangers history forever. As the celebration rally came to a close, Seager stepped up to the podium with a mischievous smile on his face.

Seager, known for his clutch performances on the field, seems mostly shy off the field. That’s why this moment came as a surprise.

Drawing inspiration from Astros’ Alex Bregman’s earlier comments, Seager unleashed a zinger that fired up the fans and his teammates.

Corey Seager’s mic drop moment at the Texas Rangers’ World Series parade will forever be etched in the memories of fans. Already a legend.

*Also, I don’t own a Corey Seager image to use for this article.