Frisco RoughRiders 2024 Schedule & Results

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Frisco RoughRiders 2024 season has kicked off and we have already seen the 13th largest crowd at Riders Field in franchise history.

Be sure to mark your calendars and come out to cheer on the future stars of the Texas Rangers as they battle it out for the Texas League Championship.

Let’s dive into the dates and results of the 2024 schedule and see what awaits the RoughRiders on their journey to the Texas League championship!

4/5/24@ Wind SurgeW 6-4S Jennings A Alexy1-0
4/6/24@ Wind SurgeL 3-13T AdamsE Teodo1-1
4/7/24@ Wind SurgeW 12-8A. AndersonM Rodriguez 2-1
4/9/24HooksW 4-3Grant WolframGuilfoilHoopii-Tuionetoa 3-1
4/10/24HooksW 6-5 DeVitoDeLabio4-1
4/11/24HooksL 3-6A. BrownT. Polley4-2
4/12/24HooksW 7-1R. AhlstromA. Santos IIF. Serrano5-2
4/13/24HooksW 10-3A. Anderson J. Verlander6-2
4/14/24HooksW 10-2N. KrauthGuilfoil7-2
4/16/24@ TravelersL 3-4R. Alcantara Ryan GarciaP. Alford7-3
4/17/24@ TravelersL 1-6L. EvansAidan Anderson7-4
4/18/24@ TravelersL 1-6R. VanScoterK. Drake7-5
4/19/24@ TravelersW 4-0R. AhlstromD. Wirchansky8-5
4/20/24@ TravelersW 8-4T. PolleyT Kuhn9-5
4/21/24@ TravelersL 4-9R. AlcantaraJosh Stephan9-6
4/23/24Sod PoodlesL 7-12Yu-Min LinRyan Garcia9-7
4/24/24Sod PoodlesL 2-4D. LarsenBen AndersonT. Rashi9-8
4/25/24Sod PoodlesW 13-5Nick KrauthC. Percival10-8
4/26/24Sod PoodlesW 3-2Dane AckerY. DiazR. Birlingmair11-8
4/27/24Sod PoodlesW 4-3 A. RodriguezT. Rashi12-8
4/28/24Sod PoodlesL 5-6W. MabryR. BirlingmairG. Gutierrez12-9
4/30/24@ HooksW 6-3S AndersonT PonticelliY Rodriguez13-9

May 2024

5/1/24@ HooksW 3-1B AndersonA Santos IIR Birlingmair 14-9
5/2/24@ HooksW 5-1S ClarkC BetancourtA Rodriguez15-9
5/3/24@ HooksL 0-7L RodriguezDane AckerJ Robaina15-10
5/4/24@ HooksW 11-0E TeodoC Javier16-10
5/5/24@ HooksW 5-3R Birlingmair M KnorrS Clark17-10
5/7/24MissionsW 4-3Anthony Hoopii-TuionetoaJ Sandridge18-10
5/8/24MissionsL 0-7Adam MazurBen Anderson18-11
5/9/24MissionsW 9-5Nick KrauthRyan BergertSeth Clark19-11
5/10/24MissionsW 4-1JenningsSnellingMendoza20-11
5/14/24@ Sod Poodles
5/15/24@ Sod Poodles
5/16/24@ Sod Poodles
5/17/24@ Sod Poodles
5/18/24@ Sod Poodles
5/19/24@ Sod Poodles
5/28/24@ Missions
5/29/24@ Missions
5/30/24@ Missions
5/31/24@ Missions

June 2024


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