Joe Palumbo expected to make Major League debut on Saturday

Joe Palumbo is expected to make his Major-League debut on Saturday against the Athletics.

From what I know about Joe Palumbo, he has the stuff and make up to be a Major League pitcher and that is all he wants to do. As of Saturday, Palumbo will be a Major-League pitcher even if only for 1 start. It won’t be the last we see of him.

News broke yesterday letting Rangers fans know that Palumbo or Hernandez are expected to start for the Rangers due to a double header.

*There is a rule where major league teams can carry an extra player (26) for Double Headers.

Joe Palumbo expected to make MLB Debut on Saturday


2019 stats

Palumbo has made 9 starts in Double-A this year but appeared in 10 games.

He has a 3.38 earned run average in 50.2 innings pitched and allowed 21 runs, 19 earned. Palumbo has walked 24 and struck out 65. Those 65 Strikeouts are the 2nd highest in the Texas League and the leader has two more starts than Palumbo.

The Rangers have a strict pitch count on Palumbo as they try to limit his innings due to coming back from Tommy John surgery.

I’ve seen Palumbo pitch in person a couple of times this year in Frisco. I’m by no means a scout but he does have elite level spin rate on his fast ball. His spin rate would put him in the top class in the MLB. It makes it look faster than it is and generates swings and misses and fouls.

This is awesome news for Joe Palumbo and one reason why I love the Minor Leagues. You get the see players live out their Dreams.


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