MiLB season has been delayed due to the coronavirus (covid-19)

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This is an unprecedented time we are living in. A single virus can almost seemingly shut down the world. That’s what is happening as we speak. Ok, maybe not the entire world but it is shutting down travel, large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts and now schools are starting to extend Spring Break by a week.

Major League baseball and Minor League Baseball have delayed the start of their seasons by at least two weeks. It all started with the NBA suspending their season after a player tested positive for covid-19, the virus that has been dominating headlines.

Here is the statement released by MiLB

Are we panicking? Are people blowing this way of proportion?

I dont know but if we are, it’s better to be on the safe side than the alternative. It’s a matter of personal opinion anyways. However, what is not an opinion is that I am diabetic, which is an underlying health condition. Most of the people that have passed from this virus have had underlying conditions such as diabetes. I’ve always been on the safe side and wash my hands after going to the restroom, stay away from anyone who is showing signs of any sickness. And the most important thing, I never touch the handle with my hand, always use a paper towel.

I understand and agree with the decision made to delay the start of the season but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

So there we have it.

Baseball season has been delayed and truth be told, it will probably extend beyond the two week period. Good thing I have a couple of baseball books that I need to finish reading.


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