MLB The Show, “Not Your Daddy’s Recap” Style: Houston Astros at Texas Rangers

It’s a beautiful April evening in Arlington as the Texas Rangers take on the Houston Astros at their new ballpark. The Rangers are in their home whites while the Astros and wearing blue and orange bp jerseys with grey pants. Lance Lynn is on the mound for the Rangers, with Jose Urquidy up for the Astros.

Besides bragging rights, winner of this game gets dinner cooked for them. I do NOT feel like cooking, so pray I can pull of the impossible with a win. Let’s kick this off “Not Your Daddy’s Recap” style.

If you’re new here, that means just the highlights and whatever crosses my mind at the moment. Hold your hats because sometimes it gets odd in here. For those who have been here before, I hope you noticed I DID get my red pom poms this year for some extra luck and I’m not afraid to use them.

George Springer leads off for Houston with a .292 batting average. He hits a single into right past Odor. Altuve strikes out. Up third is Michael Brantley with his .311 batting average and 90 RBI’s. He hits a double deep to left field and scores Springer. Alex Bregman takes the plate with Brantley in scoring position. Odor throws it to Guzman for the second out of the inning. Brantley advances to third. Next is Yuli Gurriel, a pull hitter with a .298 average. Another base hit past Odor (who is this Odor?), the runner scores. Now we have Yourdan Alvarez facing Lynn, who seems to be losing a bit of confidence. He strikes out to end the inning.

Choo hits it straight to the first baseman for the first out. Andrus strikes out. Calhoun strikes out.

Carlos Correa tries to take Lynn’s pixelated face off with a single right past the pitcher. I do have to admit they have Lynn’s pitching motion down pat. He gets a strike out but on the next batter Odor can’t turn the double play. For his faults he usually has this down, so I’m not sure what the game sytem thinks is going on. Odor throws Altuve out at first and I don’t know what’s going on with Odor’s face but it’s just not right. It’s like they gave him someone else’s chin. Maybe Andrus’?

Rangers go down in order. I notice Frazier’s shoes a blue/white/orange Under Armour’s. Are all the guys wearing these?

Lynn drops them one-two-three in the inning. I can see now they aren’t all wearing the same shoes in case you wondered.

No, it’s Odor’s eyes that are wrong, I see now. They’ve got a bit of a Joey Gallo stare. While his sock game is strong, it appears Odor is carrying over his old batting average as he goes down swinging. Beats me whose face they gave Guzman but he does at least drop a double into right field. Ranger is on the dugout whipping the crowd into a frenzy for Chirinos’ at bat. Robinson smacks the ball up the center and Guzman scores. Thank goodness the Rangers will at least score a run. My husband is playing the Asterisks this game and trust me, he’s much better at this than I am. Kinda like the Astros have been facing the Rangers the past few years. Choo hits it right down the right field line and now there are runners at second and third. Andrus strikes out but they have his mannerisms down perfectly so I feel bad for my little pixelated guy. Calhoun’s face is even babier than it is in real life and he strikes out.

Lynn’s energy is a bit low but I’m gonna leave him in for this inning. For the first time we have a challenge on throw to first. YES I WIN THE CHALLENGE! boo yah. Hubby you’re going down. I open my big mouth too soon as the Astros score another run.

The Rangers go down 1-2-3 because I still can’t figure out how to bat.

Yuli Gurriel looks like he eats houses for breakfast. Odor finally is part of a good double play attempt though they try to take him out with a slide at first and he’s upended. How did nobody get punched for that? Anyway it’s the middle of fifth and they actually have an in game correspondent on. Um…guys, I don’t know if this is supposed to be a real person or not, but if she is she should sue.

Odor strikes out and it’s nine for the Rangers this game. Brantley totally misses a fly ball in a way that is only possible in a video game. My husband sneaks in a pitch while I’M TYPING so for that he has to throw me one down the middle and Chirinos gets a double. Andrus hits in Chrinos and we have a tie game. That’s what you get for trying to cheat. Wait…why does cheating and the Astros sound familiar? Calhoun has words for the ump after his third strike out of the game. Santana also goes down swinging. But hey, Rangers 4 Astros 3.

Taylor Hearn comes in to pitch. Roughned Odor once again can’t turn two. But somehow we get the ‘stros out without damage.

Odor. Strikes. Out. Just noticed Guzman’s got the curly blond mohawk. That’s the most remarkable thing about the bottom of the sixth.

Springer hits out the second pitch and the game is tied now y’all. Tied. I need to be eating that chicken y’all, not cooking it. Stays tied and the crowd gets up to stretch and sing before the Rangers come to bat.

Brad Peacock takes over on the mound with Ryan Pressly and Roberto Osuna warming. The announcer accuses Chirinos of being blindfolded at the plate. He strikes out on a slider. Andrus strikes out and gets so mad he throws his bat. I feel you Andrus, I feel you. Another strike out and it’s the end of the inning. I think Odor and Calhoun are having a contest to see who can strike out the most. And that isn’t getting my dinner made for me.

Astros out 1-2-3 in the eighth. Odor reaches first on an error and a runner scores! We don’t get anything else though.

I’m bringing in LeClerc. He strikes out the side.

I’m eating good tonight y’all. Winning tastes good.