Pedro Payano warming up

Pedro Payano promoted to Nashville, Peter Fairbanks joins him

The call came in for two members of the Rough Riders pitching staff, and they are headed up to Triple A ball.

Today the call came in today for Peter Fairbanks?and Pedro Payano, and they are headed to Nashville! It is unsurprising that either player got the call, as both of them have been had been pitching lights out recently.

Let’s take a quick look at each player, and the numbers that led to their promotion.

Pedro Payano Promoted:

Pedro has been doing incredible for the Rough Riders as of late. In his last 10 starts he has had an ERA of 4.43 and has struck out 49 batters. He has given up 21 runs in those 10 starts, 30 hits, and 18 walks. While these numbers do not sound spectacular at surface level, his splits tell the real story.

His ERA vs. LHP is .257, but the ERA vs RHP is a shocking .143. Payano is dominating people on the right hand side of the plate. Overall in the minors Payano is sporting a 1.13 WHIP, and hopes to continue this numerous for the Nashville Sounds.

Peter Fairbanks Promoted:

Coming out of the bullpen, Peter Fairbanks is virtually untouchable. In the past 10 games he has appeared in, he has a 1.42 ERA, giving up only 2 runs. Impressive to say the least. What is perhaps more impressive that in the 7 innings that he has pitched for Frisco, he has given up 2 hits.

Let me repeat that. 2 hits in 7 innings. 2 hits over 7 innings and has not given up a single run. That is the reason that Peter is going to in his third league in just a matter of a few weeks.


Both of these players have pitched incredibly well for the RoughRiders, and we hope that they continue to do so in Nashville!

Make us proud gentlemen!



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