Texas Rangers Spring Breakout Roster

Texas Rangers Spring Breakout Roster announced

The Texas Rangers Spring Breakout roster was announced today. The roster features 11 players who previously saw time in Double-A Frisco with the RoughRiders.

The Spring Breakout Games is new and the goal is to showcase the games future stars.

One thing you will notice is that both Evan Carter and Wyatt Langford are missing from the roster.

Representing the Rangers in the Spring Breakout


  • Dane Acker
  • Mitch Bratt
  • Marc Church
  • Jose Corniell
  • Aidan Curry
  • Antoine Kelly
  • Jack Leiter
  • Brock Porter
  • Emiliano Teodo
  • Izack Tiger
  • Owen White


  • Liam Hicks
  • Jesus Lopez


  • Cameron Cauley
  • Gleider Figuereo
  • Justin Foscue
  • Jonathan Ornelas
  • Abimelec Ortiz
  • Echedry Vargas
  • Sebastian Walcott


  • Anthony Gutierrez
  • Dustin Harris
  • Yeison Morrobel
  • Marcos Torres
  • Aaron Zavala

How to watch the 2024 Spring Breakout games

The good news is that this is a going to be accessible for fans to watch without any blackout restrictions on MLB.com and MLB.tv.

Mark your Calendars

Be sure to mark your calendars: the Rangers will take on the Reds at 4:05 p.m. CT on Thursday, March 14th, at Surprise Stadium in Surprise, Arizona.

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