What will the possible MLB start date mean for MiLB?

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Folks, there’s been little news, and what there has been isn’t good if you want to see minor league baseball in 2020.

Part of the leaked proposal with MLB would see a start date of early July. While that itself doesn’t hurt the MiLB season, having a suggested 50 man roster will. Where will these guys come from? Triple A. Depleted rosters. Strike One.

Another problem? No end to the ban of large gatherings in sight. While the MLB could survive a season using TV profits, those are nonexistent for MiLB. Minors depend on attendance to survive fiscally. No fans in the stadium means no games. Strike Two.

Also discussed has been the idea of the MLB taking over MiLB operations. Owners will still own the team, but MiLB operations will be handled by the Bigs. MLB is already suggesting what some say equates a salary cap for their players, where are they coming up with the extra money to run a minor league that will make absolutely no profit? Strike Three.

And we’re out of minor league baseball in 2020.