Minor Leaguers to Get Some Pay

The MLB announced today that it will be paying Minor Leaguers an allowance until at least April 8. The allowances, which range between $100 and $400 a week, will be paid in one lump sum. The MLB is currently planning a way to pay these players during the regular season postponement.

Reds General Manager Nick Krall stated, “We were excited to be able to help these kids. Help sustain them for some time, and hopefully we start the season and they start getting paychecks more.”

With spring training suspended all players were told to go home even if they were from foreign countries. It is unknown when or if they will be allowed back into the United States.

With no known season start date on the horizon it is critically important these players get their paychecks. Most will be unable to find other work because they have no idea how long they will be available before baseball calls them back.

I, for one, think this is a move in the right direction to keep the players afloat. We all know Minor Leaguers get little pay as it is, it would be heartless to leave them stranded with no money at all. Hopefully the league can work out something soon that will carry these players into the regular season.