A Sad Day for Baseball: Season Delayed Further

Today was a sad day for baseball as MLB announced it would follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendation of restricting gatherings of 50 or more for the next eight weeks and further delay the start of the season. With opening day originally scheduled for March 26, this will extend the two week delay they had announced last Thursday.

After speaking with all 30 clubs, Commissioner Rob Manfred made a statement to the public that MLB would keep fans up to date on the 2020 schedule in the weeks ahead and that the Clubs all intend to play ?as many games as possible? when the season commences.

The statement continued, ?We will continue to monitor ongoing events and undertake the precautions and best practices recommended by public health experts, and urge all baseball fans to follow suit. MLB extends its best wishes to all the individuals and communities who have been impacted by the coronavirus.?

In light of those who are currently and may yet be at risk of illness, missing baseball is certainly a minor sacrifice. But baseball has become so woven into the fabric of our daily lives that its absence is a reminder of all our world is combating during this pandemic.

As we receive updates at The Prospect Times, we will pass those along to you as quickly as possible. Keep tuned in for new content as we all wait for games to once again resume.