Not Your Daddy’s Recap: Superstition Edition

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Welcome to a very Superstitious Edition of Not Your Daddy’s Recap. We do things a little differently around here, so settle in, grab your drink, and remember it’s just the high/low lights.

Tonight the Riders face the Springfield Cardinals. They’re looking to avenge last night’s 4-3 loss. Wiles is on the mound for Frisco and Rondon will be pitching for Springfield.

You know after the incident with the Pipe Cleaners, I’ve been thinking a lot about baseball superstitions lately. MLB players can be a superstitious bunch. What do you think fans do to bring luck to the team, or is that all hogwash?What are your baseball superstitions?

During the National Anthem some of the Riders have the fingers on their left hand crossed behind their backs, a common baseball superstition.

Don’t step on that foul line as we take the field and Play Ball!

First Inning:

Kramer Robertson hits a single to left on the first pitch and we’re off. He steals second on the pitch after that. Brian O’Keefe hits a bomb single with two outs and Robertson scores. I’ve got a bad feeling about this y’all but it may just be this oppressive heat.

Did you know that before every start, it’s said Justin Verlander eats three crunchy taco supremes with no tomato, a cheesy gordita crunch and a Mexican pizza (again no tomato) from Taco Bell? How the heck do you not have to run to the bathroom two innings in?

Leody Taveras starts things off for the Riders. He taps a soft one to the pitcher and is hit by the throw to first. We have our first man on! And out second out, as Alvarez gets to first on the fielder’s choice. Cordero smacks a single to center and Alvarex advances to third, but the inning is out without a Rider across home plate.

End of 1:

1-0 Springfield

Second Inning:

LeBlanc makes an amazing diving catch in left field to end the half of the inning. Seriously highlight reel material. Quick, go search online for the video, I’ll wait.

Welcome back, that was incredible, right? Can’t believe it’s only LeBlanc’s second game in this position. It’s a 1-2-3 inning for Rondon, who looks hot tonight.

End of 2:

1-0 Springfield

Third Inning:

Juan Yepez smashes a single to center. Riders take him out with a double play on a Robertson hit ball. Wiles is looking stronger as the game progresses.

Have you ever wondered what pitchers and batters write in the dirt on the mound and the batters’ area before they’re up? Usually it’s someone’s initials, or a bible verse. When Wade Boggs would bat he’d write the Hebrew word chai, meaning life. I have five Kanji symbols on my left foot but I still can’t hit one out of the park, so I don’t recommend that for you, readers!

Dorow takes a pitch to the head and the staff comes out to check him for a concussion. That was the thump heard throughout the park and pretty scary if you ask me. He’s deemed okay to play and takes first base. De Leon smacks a single through the gap between first and second, and with Dorow’s speed he’s on third. He scores on an Alvarez fielder’s choice tapper with De Leon is out at second. We have a run on the board! Tie Game!

End of 3

1-1 Tie

Fourth Inning:

Alvarez throws out a runner at third an his arm is on fire.

When Jason Giambi slumps he wears a gold thong. Don’t ask how I know.

1-2-3- for Wiles

End of 4:

1-1 Tie

Fifth Inning (or as I call it, the one where the wheels fall off):

Pelham in to pitch after a great four innings by Wiles. Wiles goes out allowing 5 hits and 4 strike outs in his 4 innings. Pelham walks the first batter in four straight pitches. Kirtley gets to second on a wild pitch and scores on an Ascanio single. There’s just no spark in Pelham’s pitching this evening. Yepez gets a ball past Dorow at third and there are now Cardinals at first and third. Pelham walks Robertson and the bases are loaded. We still have no outs, people. Pelham then walks in a run. He’s got 16 balls and 6 strikes this inning, prompting a mound visit. A passed ball gets another run home. And then, miracle of miracles, we get a strike out! Whoo hoo! O’Keefe singles another run home. It’s team mound-conference time and also time for a pitching change. Weickel in to pitch. His second throw is a single to center for Capel and Springfield scores again. That’s 5 runs, y’all. I told you about my feeling on this game!

Now would be a great time to freshen that drink.

Rondon is still pitching and looking good.

End of 5:

6-1, Springfield

Now would be time for some major mojo. Now I’m not recommending this fans, but Wade Boggs actually sold a car because he felt like it had no hits in it. A Mercedes Benz! But y’know, if you really feel like you need to get rid of your Mercedes for free to bring us luck I may be convinced to take it. Just sayin’.

Sixth Inning

Weickel is back. 1-2-3. We needed that.

End of 6:

6-1 Springfield

Seventh Inning:

Another great catch for LeBlanc. Another 1-2-3 for Weickel. He goes 2 and 2/3 innings pitched, allowing only one hit. This makes 13 scoreless innings for Weickel. He’s scorching.

Tony Sanchez homers and it’s 6-2. First real crack against Rondon. Profar doubles down the third baseline. Is this the start of a rally? Get those caps ready. They pull Rondon at 77 pitches and Patterson is in. He starts his wind-up with his back to the batter. Dorow gets the RBI on a fielder’s choice when Profar comes home.

End of 7:

6-3 Springfield

Eighth Inning:

Espinal in to pitch. 1-2-3

The superstition I don’t understand and have had no one give me an answer to is, why do some hitters sniff their bats before they are up? I don’t get that one. It must have something to do with the pine tar? If you know for sure why, send me a tweet to @MarahMason.

Ramirez on the mound for the Cardinals. Walk for Alvarez. A double play erases that. LeBlanc ducks to avoid a pitch to the head, but eventually gets a walk. O’Keefe with a mound visit as Ramirez can’t seem to find the strike zone. Bouncer to short and the inning is over.

End of 8:

6-3 Springfield

Ninth Inning:

Espinal hits the first batter Ascanio in the back to send him to first. Yepez hits it out for a two run homer.

Put on your rally caps! We need 6 runs.

Dobzanski pitching. HR for Profar. That’s it for the rally.


8-4 Springfield


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