Texas Rangers

Some Rangers rule-5 draft eligible players

The time has come for the Texas Rangers to add their rule-5 eligible players to the 40-man roster to protect them from the rule-5 coming in December. The deadline for the Rangers to submit their 40-man roster is Friday November 19.

The Rule 5 draft is set to take place on December 8th. That day happens to be the final day of the Winter Meetings, which are happening in Orlando from December 6-9.

The Rangers have multiple prospects that we are all familiar with that are rule-5 eligible this year. If it were up to me, I’d add most of them. Currently the 40-man roster is at 36 which leaves space for four players to be added.

The list of Texas Rangers players eligible for the Rule-5 draft is quite extensive. Some of the eligible players are: Cole Ragans, Cole Uvila, Curtis Terry, Bubba Thompson, Tim Brennan, Jake Latz, Ronny Henriquez, Ricky Vanasco, Tai Tiedemann, Hever Bueno and Alex Speas.

That’s not it either, there is also: Ryan Dorow, Diosbel Arias and Julio Pablo Martinez just to name a few more and there are still others. We are going to lose some of our favorites prospects that we’ve enjoyed playing in Frisco.

I believe Cole Ragans, Ricky Vanasco, Ronny Henriquez and Bubba Thompson are locks to be added to the Rangers 40-man. If it were up to me, I’d handpick a couple more: Cole Uvila, Tim Brennan. This would require the Rangers to trade or DFA a couple of players currently on the 40-man. We will see what they decide to do.

RHP’s and INF added to Rangers 40-man roster

The Texas Rangers have purchased the contracts of right-handed pitchers Ronny Henriquez and Ricky Vanasco along with infielder Ezequiel Duran – who had a strong showing in the Arizona Fall League.

The Rangers 40-man roster is currently at 37 players.

I was a little surprised that Bubba Thompson wasn’t added. I would have designated Eli White to make room. As noted above, I would have liked to see Cole Uvila added as well.

Other players that were left off the roster include Steele Walker, Tim Brennan, Jax Biggers, Julio Pablo Martinez and others.