Josh Jung 2020 BFE

2020 Texas Rangers Bowman First Edition starting to show up

2020 Texas Rangers Bowman First Edition cards are showing up in breaks and eBay. 2020 Bowman First Editions are in high demand as a lot of people are coming back to the hobby of collecting cards. After delaying the release of Bowman Draft this year, this is the next best thing. If you are a fan of minor league baseball prospects and want to collect, Bowman is the brand for me. Topps sold packs for a few hours three days in a row from April 22nd-April 24th. I was ready and willing to give my money for a pack just to see what I got but the experience was horrible. Topps’ website kept crashing and giving errors and timeouts to the majority of customers, including myself.

I found myself on eBay this afternoon putting some cards in my cart. Now, I have a Sherten Apostel, Josh Jung and Hans Crouse on the way. I am hoping someone accepts my offer on a Sam Huff card. I have a budget set that I refuse to go over, especially for a base card. You can find most of these on EBay right now for anywhere from $5-$25 right now. They are in high demand so the price may continue to skyrocket for a bit. I was able to get the ones I bought for under $15 including the shipping.

List of 2020 Texas Rangers Bowman First Edition

Sam Huff: BFE-33, there are some up for bid and another that you can make your best offer on. The lowest price I saw is $14.99 with $1.00 shipping.

Sherten Apostel: BFE-46, I saw one for $4.99 with $1.00 shipping.

Bayron Lora: BFE-52, bidding and then buy now for $15 up to $250 for a gold foil with shipping up to $4.25. *Update* The buy now for $15 has been sold.

Cole Winn: BFE-107, $5.99-$24.99 with shipping as high as $4.00.

Josh Jung: BFE-113, $3.99 with $1.00 shipping.

Hans Crouse: BFE-119, $2.99 with $1.00 shipping.

Leody Taveras: BFE-127, I saw for as low as $4.69-$4.99 with $1.00 shipping.

This is a pretty good list of some of the top Texas Rangers prospects. I plan on collecting all of these at this year along with a few others including Bobby Witt Jr. There are supposedly Chrome Autographs included in 1:310 packs so they are hard to come by. I haven’t found a list of the autographs yet.

If you follow our blog you know that I started collecting baseball cards again after being away from the hobby for a couple of decades. Don’t get me wrong, I was never the biggest collector but I always had some Nolan Ryan’s. I am not the only one to come back into the hobby since the pandemic either. It seems that a lot of previous collectors have rekindled their passion. It’s due to the number of fans missing baseball according to collectors who have participated in breaks. I guess in a way, that is what drove me back.

I’m not sure what autographs are included in packs yet. I’ve researched but have yet to find anything that actually lists names. If any Rangers prospects have autos you can bet I will try to get some. How many of you have started collecting again recently? What brand is your favorite? Bowman Draft is my choice.