Kamdyn Perry

Kamdyn Perry: The Texas Rangers’ 2023 17th Round Pick

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kamdyn Perry, the Texas Rangers’ 2023 17th round pick, selected at #501 overall. At just 18 years old, standing tall at 6’4″ and weighing 200 lbs, Kamdyn is an impressive right-handed pitcher.

He hails from the renowned baseball powerhouse, Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nevada – the very same school that gave us the former Ranger sensation, Joey Gallo.

Let’s dive into my conversation with Kamdyn Perry.

Jeff: So tell me about Kamdyn Perry?

Kamdyn: I’m the only son of three siblings, I have two older sisters of caring and supportive parents. We own three dogs (two Yorkies and one Schnauzer). I love Go Karting and I randomly play golf.

Jeff: What was it like growing up in the Entertainment Capital of the World?

Kamdyn: For me it was pretty normal, I’ve had a well put together life filled with family and friends and of course sports!

Jeff: Attending Bishop Gorman, a National Championship-winning high school in virtually every sport, comes with immense pressure, especially for 15-17-year-old students. How did you handle this pressure while achieving an impressive 13-0 record over three seasons?

Kamdyn: I never really had the feeling of “pressure “ in High School because I was lucky enough to have my dad put me in spots like what I had to go through for high school with all the events and everything he took me to when I was younger so I can play the game for the pressure because I enjoyed it.

Kamdyn was committed to St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California, before signing with the Rangers. His major was going to be kinesiology.

I asked him, “Does pineapple belong on pizza?” His response was, “I’ve never had it, but from the looks of it, it doesn’t.”

Jeff: Picture this scenario – it’s Game 7 of the World Series, bottom of the 9th inning, bases loaded, and a 3-2 count. In that high-pressure moment, can you tell us about your favorite pitch, the one you have the utmost confidence in, and why it’s your go-to choice?

Kamdyn: I would throw my slider is the most accurate and dirty offspeed pitch I can throw for strikes consistently.

The Rangers weren’t the only team talking to him around draft time. The Padres and the Braves were talking to him as well.

Jeff: What do you have in your pitching arsenal?

Kamdyn: I have a 2-Seam fastball a 4- Seam fastball a Slider, Curveball and a Changeup!

And if Texas Rangers fans needed another reason to cheer for Kamdyn Perry, his favorite MLB player is Nolan Ryan!

We extend our sincere thanks to Kamdyn Perry for sharing his time with us. We’re excited to follow his professional career and will keep you updated at The Prospect Times.

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