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Amid pandemic, Choo offers money to Texas Rangers minor leaguers

Some bit of good news to come out of this coronavirus pandemic is the generosity of certain people. Shin-Soo Choo is going to donate $1,000 to each of the minor league players in the Texas Rangers organization. So for the math, that is 191 minor league players times $1,000 for each.

191 ? $1,000.00= $191,000

That is a pretty generous sum of money no matter how you spin it especially when he didn’t have to do it.

Choo also donated some money to the Community Chest of Korea as mentioned in John Blake’s tweet below.

So really he is donating $300,000. One could argue that other players or even team owners can do more given the circumstances but that is not what this post is for. I doubt Choo even wants to be recognized for this but it’s just too good of a story to pass up. Minor league players need more help. This is certainly a start, thanks to Choo.

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