#AskTPT Mailbag. You ask, we answer.

To start, I would like to thank everyone for the great questions. I’ve recently decided to devote more time to this site for the remaining part of this season and all of next season. All of these questions help erase any doubt that I’m making the right decision.

Let me also make it clear I am not a scout, more of a want to be photographer.

With that being said, I recognize that you may disagree with my responses and if so that is fine, just be sure to comment and let’s discuss it.

I wouldn’t necessarily say step back but I’d have to say Jonathan Hern?ndez has had a disappointing season in some ways. Don’t get me wrong, the guy has talent but isn’t where I thought he’d be at this point. In 22 games, he’s got a 5.16 earned run average which is a career high. He is part of the 3-headed monster starting the year in Frisco between him, Palumbo and Burke. He had switched from a starting role to the bullpen and can spot start as well. I think that will be where his value will be, coming out of the pen. And as I say this, he is scheduled to start on Wednesday for the RoughRiders.

Biggest surprise, this one is actually a bit harder to answer than I thought it would be. If I have to choose one it would be James Jones, the former Outfielder for the Mariners. In 41 games, opposing batters are hitting .188 against him. They are getting on-base at a .307 clip due mainly to walks but he was recently promoted to Nashville.

Leody Taveras has looked good. We haven’t seen power translate into games yet but I hear he can display power in batting practice. I have not confirmed that with my own eyes yet.

He doesn’t seem like he is lost and puts together good at bats. He’s got speed, the arm and defense. I definitely see him doing bigger things in 2020 with a promotion to Nashville in the cards. We may see him as a September call up in 2020 or in 2021 at some point.

Leody Taveras
Leody Taveras, photo by The Prospect Times

Good question, I’ve seen several of them start in Frisco this year, that are now in Arlington with Palumbo and Burke being a couple. Brock Burke and Joe Palumbo are due to be called back up on Tuesday.

As for the players still in Frisco now, the next that will have an impact in Arlington will be Jason Bahr or DeMarcus Evans.

Jason Bahr obliterated opposing batters in High-A to a tune of a 6-1 record with a 1.71 earned run average in 58 innings. He walked 26 and struck out 58 and a WHIP of 1.086. He’s also looked good in Double-A.

DeMarcus Evans has impressed at every level as well. He will be a great set up man or even closer. Between him and Clase, they will have the 8-9 innings locked down. I wouldn’t be surprised if Evans is a September call up this year but if not we’ll see him sometime next year.

I daydream of the day that we see Crouse on the mound and I know I’m not alone in that.

With a potential Ace, the Rangers are going to be careful with Crouse and will not rush him. I think he’s probably 2 years away from the mound in Arlington. He’s got surgery this off-season to clean up the bone spurs in his elbow and he should be ready to go next season. Otherwise, I think he would’ve already been shut down. This year even with pitching with discomfort, he has a 5-1 record with a 4.32 earned run average. He has pitched 77 innings walking only 14 and striking out 71 with a WHIP of 1.182.

He could be in Frisco by the end of the next year unless the Rangers are real conservative with him.

This is addressed in an answer above. I definitely think the Rangers see him as a bullpen arm. I think he can still start myself so I wouldn’t say the say door has been closed on that. He is starting on Wednesday in Frisco; but it may be as an opener.

I love Leblanc and he is one of my favorites on the RoughRiders. I love the versatility he provides, literally playing every infield position. Also, at one point this year he was leading the Texas League in batting average. I’ve yet to be able to come out of my shell enough to interview any players. Hopefully that changes next year and if it does Charles is definitely one of the first on my list.

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