Josh Jung shut down by the Rangers

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Josh Jung

The Texas Rangers top position player, Josh Jung, has been shut down from baseball activity according to all of the beat writers.

According to their reports, Josh Jung felt discomfort in his left shoulder (non-throwing arm) while lifting weights. He went to see team physician Dr. Keith Meister and he was diagnosed with a labral strain. It is expected that he will be further evaluated next week and the team will determine the treatment options and timeline.

If you Google, Labral Strain Shoulder and got the following information under recovery time: It is believed that it takes at least four to six weeks for the labrum to reattach itself to the rim of the bone, and probably another four to six weeks to get strong.

Dr Google

That seems more like a recovery time for a tear to me but time will tell. Seems like we may see Jung at some point in June if the recovery time is anything similar to above.

I was expecting Jung to break camp as the Rangers third baseman but now IKF will fill in unless the Rangers decide to trade IKF. If they do, the Rangers have other internal options in Andy Ibáñez or Sherten Apostel.

update February 23, 2022*

GM Chris Young announced on a conference call with media that Josh Jung underwent successful surgery on his shoulder by team Dr Keith Meister. The recocery period is usually about 6 months.

We wish Josh Jung a speedy recovery.


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