Minor league round up December 16th

Minor League round up December 16th

Welcome to the Minor League round up December 16th edition. We take some links from sites around the internet that post about Minor-League baseball and put them all in one place for you.

Biggest news today in regards to the Negro Leagues

MLB is recognizing the Negro Leagues as Major League so their statistics will be added into MLB’S records to reflect. This is the right thing to do and should have been done before now.

Washington Post

The Washington Post has a article about what is lost when baseball leaves. You should give it a read. What’s done is done as far as contraction but MLB should be careful about any further contraction down the road.


Fangraphs has a very interesting article about the number of people that have access to baseball with the restructuring of the minor leagues.


Ballpark Digest has a post regarding options for the teams that are no longer affiliated with MLB. They include joining an Independent League or a Collegiate Summer League.

Washington Nationals choose managers

According to The Washington Post, the Washington Nationals have selected the managers for their affiliates.

Independent baseball

Since I’ve focused more on Minor-League baseball in the last couple of years over Major-League baseball, I’ve become interested in Independent League baseball. If you are into Independent League baseball, I ran across a site that you might like called IndyballIsland.com. Stay tuned for an interview post with the operator of the site, Kayla Thompson.