Texas Rangers commit to paying their Minor Leaguers

It is a difficult time on the farm for alot of teams right now, especially for the Oakland Athletics. No surprise that the culprit is Covid-19. It has caused strain and stress to everyone involved on multiple levels. Mainly, it has caused financial for the players and owners of minor league teams. In Minor League ball, the owners make no money without the fans in the stands and as of now, it appears the 2020 season is doomed. The main concern right now is the players and their pocket book.

Minor league players don’t make near the amount that players in the Majors do. It was a hot topic even before Covid-19 shut baseball down in its tracks.

The Oakland Athletics advised their minor league players that they will not be paid after May 31st. Per the beat writers, the Texas Rangers committed to paying their players through June. It is $400 per week. The original agreement with MLB was through the end of May. As a fan of the Rangers, this is definitely good news for the players that survive cuts that are expected to come from the Rangers in the next few days. The situation will be re-evaluated sometime in June.

I don’t know the reasoning, maybe the Rangers saw the publicity that the Athletics are currently getting. Hint: it’s not good. Or more realistically, the Rangers want to do the right thing and continue to pay their players. Either way, they are doing the right thing here and that is fine by me.

We will continue to keep this story updated as more information becomes available.