5 Reasons The RoughRiders are Better Than the Rangers [Opinion]

5 Reasons The RoughRiders are Better Than the Rangers [Opinion]?

There is nothing quite like walking through the gates of a baseball stadium and using the freshly trimmed grass on a perfect sunny evening. The smell that can only come from a bustling ballpark. The palpable excitement that is buzzing through the air. There is nothing comparable, and few better ways to spend a summer evening.

The feeling of camaraderie of knowing that you are there with fellow fans to enjoy the game and cheer on your team. This feeling is present at all games, but perhaps even more so at a minor league baseball game that at a professional game. Don?t get me wrong, I love going to professional games, but here are my main grievances against professional games.

Here are my 5 reasons the RoughRiders are better:



Tickets are generally always more expensive than going to a Minor League game. Now this can obviously vary depending on your seating preferences, but $20 at a Rough Riders game will get you a lower level seat 5 rows behind home plate. That $20 at a Rangers game may not even get you into the stadium. At best you are typically looking at upper deck seats.


Don?t even get me started on Globe Life Parking. Either you pay a fortune and have a short walk, or you pay less of a fortune and get your mile jog in for the day! Dr. Pepper Ballpark has lots right across the street for $5-$10.

Fan Engagement

Sure, Rangers and other major league teams have themed nights and promotions. But not nearly to the level that can be achieved at the minor league level. Every week, almost every day there is a new themed day that is sponsored by the Rough Riders. Plus there are the ongoing promotions such as Deep Ellum Brewing Party, Firework Shows, Margarita Monday etc. And don?t forget about the ability to take a dip on a hot day, while still enjoying the game! Overall, I think that minor league teams, specifically the RoughRiders do a better job at engaging fans and providing a better experience than the Rangers.

Dr Pepper Ballpark
Dr Pepper Ballpark


I think the fans are overall better at minor league games! By saying this I do not mean that the people who go to Rangers games are any less of a fan. But you have all kinds of other people who go to professional games, and opposing fans. When you go to a minor league game the people who are here are generally there because they are true fans of the team, and fans of the game.


Now, I know what you are going to say: ?Wait wait wait. This is AA baseball. Clearly the players in Arlington are better than those in Frisco? And yes. You are 100% correct in terms of skill. But there is something about players who are trying to bust it every night in the hopes of making it to the big leagues. Sometimes big league players view the game as a business, and can become somewhat complacent. And I mean who can blame them right? They have 162 games, its impossible to be on all of the time, and if you aren?t overly worried about losing your roster spot, it is easy to let a few games slide. The Minor leagues tend to not have this issue quite as much.

In total, going to a RoughRiders game is much more enjoyable than going to a Rangers game. So, why don?t you join me this upcoming week as the RoughRiders start their 7 game home stand against Amarillo and Midland. Let’s enjoy a great game of baseball with your friends and family.

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