Game 2 recap: Texas A&M Aggies vs Illinois Fighting Illini

This is the game I wanted to see because Asa is set to pitch. There are quite a few Aggie fans here which isn’t surprising.

Aggies Vs Illini

Asa Lacy brings his 2-0 record along with his 1.64 ERA to the mound to face the Illinois Fighting Illini. The Aggies have a perfect 10-0 record to start the season while the Illini are at 3-3. These pitching matchups really in each of these games are amazing.

The line-ups

Top 1st

Bryce Blaum stuck out. Cam Blake grounded out to 1st unassisted. Logan Sartori struck out swinging.

Bottom of the 1st

Taylor Jackson flied out to center.

Brody Harding walked. That must’ve irritated Lacy as he struck out the next 2 batters. Branden Comia struck out swinging. Harding stole 2nd. Kellen Sarver struck out swinging as well.

Lacy threw 12 pitches.

Top of the 2nd

Will Frizzell popped out. Zach DeLoach grounded out to 2nd. Mikey Hoehner grounded out to 3rd.

Bottom of the 2nd

Alex Steinbach struck out looking. Cam McDonald fouled out to right. Jacob Campbell was hit by a pitch. While Danny Doligale was batting Campbell got picked off to end the inning.

Top of the 3rd

Ray Alejo flied out to right. Schmidt popped out to 3rd. Werner lined out to right.

Bottom of the 3rd

Danny Doligale struck out swinging. Andrew Dyke worked a walk on 5 pitches.

Lacy was hitting 94 on his fast ball but I have been advised that the gun may be a hair fast.

Jackson popped out to short. Harding struck out swinging.


Blaum flied out to right. Blake singled. Sartori singled to center field. Frizzel grounded into a double play to end the top half of the inning.

Bottom of the 4th

Comia struck out looking. Sarver flied out to center. Steinbach singled. McDonald doubled. Campbell struck out looking.

Still a scoreless ballgame.

Top of the 5th

Deloach flied out to right. Hoehner grounded out to short. Alejo struck outand reached 1st on a wild pitch. Then he advanced to 2nd on a wild pitch but was picked off and put at 3rd. It was a close play. So close that they took it to replay.

Bottom of the 5th

Doligale flied out to left. Dyke struck out swinging, C to 1B. Jackson struck out swinging.

Top of the 6th

Schmidt flied out to right. Werner singled to center field. Blaum fouled out to 1B and Werner advanced to 2nd base on a balk. Blake flied out to RF.

Bottom of the 6th

Harding struck out looking. Comia flied out to center. Sarver walked and Steinbach struck out swinging.

Still scoreless.


71 pitches to start the top of the 7th for Ty Weber.

I saw the radar touch 87, 83, 75, 77,

Sartori fouled out to the catcher. Frizzell lined out to center. Deloach worked a walk. Hoehner was hit by a pitch.

Pitching change: Kutt

Alejo flied out to right.

Bottom of the 7th

pitching change: Miller in for Lacy

McDonald struck out looking. Campbell and Doligale both struck out swinging.


Schmidt grounded out to 2nd. Werner struck out looking. Blaum walked. Blake flied out to LF.

Bottom of the 8th

McGowan pinch hit for Dyke and struck out swinging. Jackson singled to short. Harding fouled out to LF Cam Blake, who made a terrific leaping grab against the wall. Jackson stole 2nd. Comia singled which scored Jackson; Comia advanced to 2nd on the throw.

Pitching change for the Aggies: Johnston for Miller.

Sarver lined out to RF.

Score 1-0 Fighting Illini


Pitching change: Acton for Kutt

Sartori popped out to left. Frizzell grounded out to 2nd. Deloach flied out to LF.

Ballgame. The Fighting Illini lived up to their name. They win 1-0 over the Aggies. Great game.