Because Baseball- Why We Love The Game

Billy Beane: How can you not get romantic about baseball?- Moneyball

*Disclaimer- I just got inspired to write this article. It wasn’t planned like an interview. I haven’t researched stats or information. This is coming from my baseball soul.

As I was sitting here Tyler Skaggs popped into my mind. What an incredible moment July 12, 2019 will represent not only for the Los Angeles Angels organization but all of baseball and it’s fans. Found dead at his hotel room on July 1, 2019 in Texas, Tyler Skaggs was loved by his teammates. So much so their first game back home after his passing they all wore #45 to honor him. On that same night that his Mom threw a perfect strike for the ceremonial first pitch the Angels threw a combined no hitter just hours before what would have been Skaggs 28th birthday. How magical was that? Could a situation be any more perfect?

Then other moments came to mind.

Who can forget watching Dee Gordon break down in tears trotting the bases after a leadoff home run in the first game after Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident?

Where were you when Kirk Gibson emerged from the tunnel at Dodger Stadium to hit the game winning home run with basically one arm in game 1 of the 1988 World Series off arguably the best closer in the history of the game, Dennis Eckersley?

It’s moments like these we get lost in the game and how it means so much more than the final score or who’s even playing. As a huge Texas Rangers fan it’s still very rare I’m not flipping through the channels and not stop on ANY baseball game to watch. As a person, you either like the game of baseball or you don’t. It’s one of those sports where there isn’t a lot of gray area as a fan. Exciting or boring. Those are the choices when you ask someone if they like baseball.?

I choose exciting. Why? You can take professional baseball players and put them in any other sport and they can at worst be serviceable. You take professional athletes from any other sport and put them in a baseball game and they look like a newborn deer on ice.

Wrapped up in the money, stats, roster moves, fame and strategy the game of baseball is actually simple in the game itself.

Skip: “This is a simple game. You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball.- Bull Durham


No other sport takes us back to our childhood quite like baseball. Every baseball fans mind wonders back to their little league baseball or softball games and one magic moment that made us feel like major league ballplayers. It also reminds us of a simpler time in our lives. No job to stress over, no bills to pay, no worrying about what to make for dinner and no worries about where our next paycheck is coming from. Making sure we knew where our glove was at all times was the most any of us had to take care of.

If your reading this article, I’m going to assume your a baseball fan. And if your not, I encourage you to take in a game at any level. T-ball to the Major Leagues. Soak up the sights, smells, sounds, excitement, weather and pure joy. Take it all in. Leave your stress and worry at the gate when you enter that cathedral of the game called a ballpark.

You never know when you might witness something more than the game.