Frisco Classic: DBU vs Mizzou

Game two of the 2021 Frisco Classic features a matchup between DBU and Mizzou. The weather for this game doesn’t match what it was for Arizona Vs Oklahoma game. It is now overcast, windy and a chilly 55 degrees and it is one hour before first pitch.

So far the Frisco Classic has witnessed a ton of offense. We’ll see if tonight’s game is any different.

Team records

DBU: 6-2

Missouri: 3-6

Starting pitchers

DBU: right-hander Dominic Hamel (2-0, 2.53)

Missouri: right-hander Spencer Miles (1-1, 5.56)


Mizzou allowed one hit but pitched a scoreless 1st.

DBU starter right handed pitcher, struck out the first batter he faced, then the 2nd, then the 3rd.


Leftfielder Jace Grady hit a single into left center to lead-off. 2nd baseman Benefield flied out to Center field for the 1st out. 1st baseman Andres Sosa worked a 3-2 count and we’ve got a stolen base. Sosa got called out on strikes on a well placed pitch on the inside low corner for the 2nd out. Fly out to end the top of the 2nd.

In the bottom of the 2nd, by the time I got up to the media room there had been two quick outs and Keefer was at bat and worked a walk. Luke Mann struck put swinging.

We go to the 3rd still scoreless

Centerfielder Jeffrey David singled. River Town hit a grounder that bounced to the pitcher and probably could have been a double play but the only play was at first for the 1st out. Jackson Glenn worked the count to 3-1 before lacing a single to shallow left. David now at 3rd. Austin Bell worked a 2-2 count before grounding out to 1st. Glenn started running before the grounder so he’s safe at 2nd and David scored. Jones walked. Jace Grady is up to bat and we’ve got a meeting on the mound. Double steal and the ball gets away and both runners advance with a run scoring. Grady thought he drew a walk and flipped his bat toward the dugout but had to come back to the plate. On the very next pitch, he esrned the walk. Benefield (flew out to center in his first at-bat) was at the plate when there was a passed ball which scored a baserunner and Grady moved to 2nd. Grady stole 3rd. Benefield hit a chopper to short and is out at 1st ending the top of the 3rd.

Coletta takes his turn at the plate. He strikes out looking. Second baseman Vierling fouls off a couple and takes high ball, then fouls another before striking out. Belk shows a bunt on the first pitch and he ended up grounding out.


Scoreless top of the 4th

In the bottom of the 4th shortstop Day drew a walk. Chad McDaniel flies out to left. Montgomery hits a line drive base hit to left. Lovich strikes out. Home plate umpire issues a warning to the Mizzou dugout. Keefer strikes out swinging.


Town leads off and hits a high fly ball to Left for the 1st out. Glenn draws a walk. Bell attempts a bunt but it rolls foul but then hits a home run making it 5-0. I see a visit to the mound happening which means a pitching change.

#48 left-handed pitcher, Trae Robertson comes in to relieve Miles. Blayne Jones grounds out. Grady strikesout.

Mann leads off this half inning. Mound visit by the catcher. Umpire gets a fresh supply of balls. Mann struckout swinging.

I am pretty cold but sitting here listening to the radio guys in the next suite.

Coletta strikesout. Vierling flied out.

We’re going to the 6th | 5-0 DBU

Benefield is out. Sosa flied out to right. Boulware strikesout swinging.

Belk hit a foul ball that would have been a home run had it not pushed foul outside the right foul pole. He hit a roller to short and barely beat out the throw. A review is happening. Call stands. Trevor Austin bunts to the pitcher and out at 1st. McDaniel hit a ball that looked like it had some giddy up to it but hooked foul and short to right. McDaniel struck out swinging. TWELVE strikeouts on the night for Hamel. Montgomery strikes out. That makes it 13 strikeouts for Hamel.


I looked at the weather at it said 55 degrees but with the chilly wind it’s feeling colder.

David flies out to the center right. Town struck out. Glenn pops out to 1st.

*Left-hander Peyton Sherlin comes in to relieve Hamel.

Peterson flies out. Keefer struckout swinging. Swanger drew a walk. Coletta strikes out swinging.


Bell swing and missed at strike three. Jones grounded out to 3rd. Grady grounded out on a ball that was fair right in front of home plate.

Vierling grounds out to 3rd. Bell is out.. Austin drew a walk. Missouri has struck out 15 times at this point. McDaniel struck out.


Benefield is out on a called 3rd strike. Sosa works a walk. Bouleware is batting. Benefield moves to 3rd on a passed ball. Bouleware walks.

Mound visit*

David walks. The bases are now loaded for Rover Town. We’ve got a pitching change. Right hander Ty Wilmsmeyer #30. Town is hit by pitch. Run scores. 6-0 DBU. Glenn hits a two run single through the infield to left. 8-0 DBU. Bell flied out to center. Jones flied out to Center. DBU Scored 3 runs on one hit in the top of the 9th.

Walks have been the major issue for Mizzou.

Right hander Luke Trahan comes in for relief.

Montgomery flied out. Peterson grounds out to 2nd. Lancaster


Mizzou committed 2 errors.

Patriots rightfielder missed an out in foul territory.

Ballgame! DBU wins 8-0 and move to 7-2 on the year and Missouri drops to 3-7.

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