Frisco Looks to Right the Ship, Hunter Pence scheduled to rehab

**This post is from July 1st but was delayed from being released until today due to the passing of Angels Starting Pitcher, Tyler Skaggs.? We extend our thoughts and prayers to the Skaggs family, friends and his teammates. **

The last couple of games have been rough for the Riders. In 2 out of the last 3 games they were forced to used a position player to to eat up a few innings. Ryan Dorow pitched 3 innings over a span of 2 games and allowed 5 runs to cross the plate. This is equal to a 15 ERA for those who are curious.

While this is most definitely not good, it is also not his fault. These are the results that are to be expected when an infielder goes in to pitch. Saturday night it was due largely in part to Phillips being pulled out in the 2nd inning after taking a line drive off of his arm. This left 8 and 1/3 innings for the bullpen to eat.

And this was after the bullpen surrendered 6 runs the previous night. Clearly the pen is struggling right now. And with the bats falling more ore less quiet, the results have bee disastrous for the Riders. Tonight, however, the Riders have a chance to have new life breathed into them.

Hunter Pence is scheduled to make a rehab start tonight in Frisco. Hopefully the excitement of having a big league player among the ranks will wake up the bats. Pence definitely brings in a Major league level batting average and experience to the lineup, and should have a good night against AA pitching.

Hopefully those hits are contagious, and others catch on. Pence in the lineup will undoubtedly boost attendance and create a buzz around the ballpark. All of these things should equal to a good night at the ball park for the Riders. As long as the pitching can put together a decent start and the bullpen can hang on, tonight is looking like a game that Frisco will use to bounce back, and get back on the right track.

Edgar Arredondo is starting tonight. He has a 5-3 record with a 4.99 earned run average.

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