Minor league round up

Minor-League round up December 2nd 2020

It is Wednesday which means it’s time for a new edition of Minor-League round up so welcome to minor-league round up December 2nd edition. I’ve gathered a few links to articles about minor-league baseball that I’ve read throughout the last week. Every week it seems there is some new information with a handful of new regulations announced. The official announcement of all the affiliations is expected soon, possibly this week or next.

MLB flexing their muscle

To start off, we’ve got MLB flexing their muscle. Here is an article from The Fresno Bee detailing MLB’s plans to demote the Fresno Grizzlies to single-A or risk no affiliation at all. The Fresno Grizzlies were previously the Triple-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

St Paul Saints

According to twincities.com, the St Paul Saints are set to become the Triple-A team of the Minnesota Twins. This move makes perfect sense in relation to their proximity for the Twins and the St Paul Saints give up their Independent status to become affiliated.

New Draft League, Pioneer League

It’s virtually impossible to not have a post from Baseball America. Here is a post explaining the new Draft League and the Pioneer League.

Number of games

Here is another post from Baseball America. It talks about the number of games that each level will play. Single-A will play 132 games, Double-A teams will play a 138 game schedule. Triple-A will play 144 starting in 2022.

Expanded player numbers

There’s a theme here, another from Baseball America. This on talks about how MLB is expected to expand player numbers for each club.

Double-A Texas League news

Ballpark digest has a post about the Wichita Wind Surge moving to the Double-A Texas League. The Wind Surge was the Triple-A affiliate if the Marlins and is now expected to be the Minnesota Twins Double-A affiliate.

The San Antonio Missions, the Brewers current Triple-A affiliate is another team that is expected to move to the Texas League.

Thanks for checking out the latest edition of Minor-League round up December 2nd issue.