Shakeup in the RoughRiders Lineup Wakes up the Bats

Did anyone else notice the bizarre lineup that the Riders put forward last night? It was perhaps the craziest lineup I have ever seen in my life. Completely randomized, or so it would appear.

But, it is impossible to argue with the results. The Riders put up 5 runs, including 3 homers. Clearly whoever set the lineup last night needs to do it again tonight, because it paid off handsomely. And with the Riders only a half game back from 1st place and 2 games left in the half, the team desperately needs another win.

There were a few notable performances, one of them being Joe Palumbo. In his first game back from a Major League start, he threw three innings of shut out baseball. He only gave up 2 hits, both seeing eye singles in the first. After that he faced the minimum and struck out 4 batters overall.

Curiously, he only threw 48 pitches. There has been no official announcements, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see him move up to AAA or even back into the majors shortly.

Profar, Beck, and Kowalczyk all hit dingers which accounted for 4 out of the 5 runs that crossed the plate.

Tonight, Frisco looks to handle the Naturals again. With a little help from Midland, the Riders could end the night in 1st place once again.