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Undrafted amateurs free to sign with any MLB team tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, Sunday June 14th undrafted amateurs from the 2020 MLB draft will be free to sign with any MLB team. There are more undrafted players this year than we’ve ever seen due to the shortened draft. It was shortened this year from 40 rounds to just 5 rounds.

The $20,000 signing limitation may make the decision easier for High School players that have committed to college. It’s hard to imagine that small amount of bonus will persuade kids from going to college. With the cost of food, housing, clubhouse dues, etc that money won’t last long.

It will be interesting to see just how many players a team will be able to sign. Some teams, like the Marlins have already announced that they don’t plan on signing more than 10 undrafted amateurs to deals. I honestly can’t see any team signing more than 5 players with a cap of $20,000. Almost assuredly we will see no High School players signed. These signings will come from the college ranks.

It’s clear that money will not be the driving factor for any of the players that sign with a team. The driving factor will be their love for baseball and that team.

Stay tuned here for an update on any players that the Rangers sign.

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