RS3 Strategic Hospitality is the new food and beverage provider at Riders Field and if you’re looking for a great ballpark meal, look no further than the food at Riders Field!

There is something for everyone, from burgers and hot dogs to nachos and beer. But with so many choices, it can be tough to know which options are the best. That’s where this guide comes in handy! We’ve compiled a list of the new eats available at Riders Field.

Read on to discover the amazing new food at Riders Field!

Here is the some of the Food at Riders Field

Frank’s Hot Dogs

Frank’s Hot Dogs

If you are looking to get a hot dog you want to start at Frank’s hot dogs which is on the right side of home plate if you are facing the field. They have regular hot dogs, chili cheese dogs and pretzels. Don’t forget to add your favorite condiments like mustard and relish.

They also have Cracker Jacks and Cotton Candy.

Coop & Kennel

Coop & Kennel

If you’re like me, Dr. Pepper is your favorite beverage. So, what’s better than combining Dr. Pepper and a hamburger? The answer is the nothing. The Dr. Pepper BBQ Burger served by Coop & Kennel is a grilled all-beef patty topped with their signature Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, applewood bacon slices, sliced cheddar cheese, and grilled onions. Be prepared to pay $14 for this excellent burger.

Frisco Smoque

Frisco Smoque

If you’re looking for BBQ head on over to Frisco Smoque. They have BBQ brisket nachos, and loaded baked potatoes. The nachos will set you back $14.



Fairlane’s offers more of a throwback to the vintage diners but while sticking with your typical ballpark grub. They have the Marilyn Monroe basket and the James Dean basket, both of which come with grilled hot dogs. The Marilyn Monroe basket comes with a grilled hot dog, neon nuclear relish, shredded cheese and red jalapeƱos. The James Dean comes with a grilled hot dog, bleu cheese and Franks red hot sauce. Both the Monroe and Dean cost $10. They also offer Dr Pepper milkshakes, popcorn and nachos.

Sweet Spot

Funnel Cake fries

If you’re looking for something sweet to finish off your meal, be sure to visit the Sweet Spot. They serve a few different flavors of milkshakes, including Dr Pepper, funnel cake fries, and ice cream, all of which are ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth.

  • Dr Pepper Milkshake -$9
  • Funnel Cake fries $7
  • Ice cream cone/cup $5


New for the 2023 season is Nachology, a food cart serving a variety of nachos.

I took a stroll by the stand and saw some of the prices (up to $15).

I finally tried some of the BBQ Nachos which comes with beans, queso cheese, brisket, some red onion type (I didn’t have onions) and what ever else you want. I added sour cream. They were the most expensive of the nachos and were good overall.

The Frisco RoughRiders should be commended for recognizing that the food at Riders Field needed to be more varied and appetizing. RS3 Strategic Hospitality made it a reality and this is an important step in enhancing the fan experience. What is your favorite ballpark food? Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #TastesofTXBB so we can check it out!