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Hop & Sting

Hop and Sting Brewery to sponsor the bullpen

Rona isn’t keeping the Frisco RoughRiders from announcing any new partnerships. A couple of days ago, they announced a new partnership with Hop and Sting. Hop and Sting is a local company and they are sponsoring the bullpen.

The Hop and Sting brewery (4.6 Google rating) is located in Grapevine and they serve a variety of beers sure to please anyone’s taste buds. So familiarize yourself with the selection so next time you’re at Dr Pepper Ballpark, you’ll know what you want. I have been advised that some of the top sellers are in the photo.

A few beers that sound interesting to me with their description

Northeast Texas IPA: The combination of Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado hops produce a citrusy and candied hop aroma with notes of stone fruit and melon

Remedio Southwest Wit: Lavender-Sage Witbier using locally grown Lavender and Sage from East Texas.

Miracle Wheat: This American wheat beer has a light citrus aroma and a clean finish.

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If you want live music with beer you can go check out the calender they have on their homepage to check the dates. The brewery is also available for rent for your next company event or a birthday party. They even have a pint club that you can join to get $3.00 off of your 1st beer at the brewery.

Some of their beers will be served at Dr Pepper Ballpark as soon as the gates open back up. So they will literally be a hop away.


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