Not Your Daddy’s Recap: 8/14/2020

Hey everybody! We’ve got some Friday night baseball for you with the Rangers facing the Rockies. Today included my husband remarking about my hair being “so gray now” so you know my mood going into this one. And Odor’s back in the lineup, so there’s that. Lance Lynn is matched up against the rookie Castellani. What we need are hits hits hits.

If you’re new here, we do things a little differently in Not Your Daddy’s. Nothing but the highlights and whatever else crosses my little ole head (besides the gray hair, of course). Grab a drink and settle in.

Two disappointments for today (okay three with Odor, but we already talked about that). Where is DeMarcus Evans? Why didn’t he get the call? And why isn’t Trevino playing?

Choo strikes out which is *so* not where I wanted to be going with this one. IKF strikes out. Calhoun is on with a walk. Gallo strikes out. Two of those strikes on Gallo were most certainly balls below the zone, but none of that matters now as we head to the bottom of the first.

Speaking of hair, is Lynn rocking that mountain man look or what? Odor flubs a play at second and they have a runner aboard. (Full disclosure; it’s ruled a hit not an error but I’d argue that one). Story hits a soft one out to left that drops in and the Rockies have two on base now. HOW IS BLACKMON HITTING .472? It’s the mountain man thing, I’m telling you. Frazier bobbles a ball but gets it to Lynn at first in time for one out. Andrus throws high to first and we can’t get the out and a runner scores. But wait! The Rangers protest the call and it’s overturned. They still have Story on second with two outs though. Murphy pops out to IKF and we’re out of a badly played inning.

End of one: Rockies 1, Rangers 0.

Frazier rolls one to third that’s thrown to first in time for the out. Solak smacks a double to right center. Guess who is up now with a runner in scoring position? DING DING DING Odor. And his amazing .116 average. What is up with his half-mohawk? Rougie flies out to center. I would propose taking a drink every time he gets out this game but I don’t want to be responsible for y’all’s inebriation. Andrus rolls to third and is out at first.

McMahon is up and oh my dog I’m feeling all this gray hair because he looks about 11. I feel like I would be his grandma not his mom. He pops out. Dahl grounds to second. My dementia must also be kicking in because I missed an out in there. I mean, all of a sudden we are on a commercial break and I have no idea why.

I think it’s the end of the second: Rockies 1, Rangers 0.

Mathis (it should be Trevino doggonnit) strikes out. Another bad call for a strike on Choo and he’s out. Izzy strikes out.

Lynn is looking rocky against the Rockies tonight friends. Wolters flies out to left. Hampson strikes out. Story pops out to Choo. I need to be more critical of Lynn because he got us out of that inning nicely.

End of three: Rockies 1, Rangers 0

Calhoun is back at the plate after his walk in the first. He hits to right and is thrown out at first. Gallo works it to a full count but then strikes out. Frazier throws his bat all the way to third on a foul ball and lines one that’s caught at short. This Castellani kid is having a good night.

Lynn is doing so horribly (we are going to try this new strategy) that he strikes out Blackmon. Solak makes a running diving catch for an out of Arenado. I think Solak will be picking grass off his uni for a few innings. Murphy taps one to second and gets thrown out at first. (It’s working people, it’s working).

End of four: Rockies 1, Rangers 0

Solak Solak Solak! He hits a bomb out to right and we tie this baby up. (Note: please do not tie up actual babies. That would be child abuse.) This brings us back to Odor. He grounds out. Drink! I mean, only if you want to and not in excess, okay? A line out to Blackmon gets Andrus out. Trevino…I mean Mathis, is up. He goes from up 3-0 to a full count. He does draw the walk however. Bud Black calls for right-hander Jeff Hoffman to replace Castellani. He’ll face Choo. Choo grounds out to Story and they get the force at second.

Lynn (boo! hiss!) is back out and facing Tapia, who he strikes out. That brings up babyface McMahon. He hits a roller and is thrown out at first. Looking good, I mean HORRIBLE Lynn! Choo pulls down a pop out from Dahl to end the inning.

End of five: Rockies 1, Rangers 1

IKF starts the sixth for the Rangers. He strikes out for the third time. Calhoun grounds out and Gallo also strikes out.

Oh no! It’s that horrid Lance Lynn again! Walters gets to second on a bad Mathis throw to first. Hampson out at first on a sacrifice bunt with Walters advancing to third. Story gets to second on a ground ball past Andrus and Walters scores. This bad defense is turning my hair gray even faster. Blackmon thrown out at first and Story runs to third. They’re leaving Lynn in to face Arenado. Solak again dives head first and makes the catch.

End of six: Rockies 2, Rangers 1

Frazier up. Frazier out. Solak up. Solak drops one practically right on the line for a double. Here comes Odor. Odor smacks out to the ground in right (FINALLY!) and makes it to first as Solak scores. And…Odor tries to steal second and is thrown out.This is why we can’t have nice things. (Drink. Only soda of course). Andrus flies out.

Stars and stones it’s the bad bad bad Lance Lynn out again. Murphy’s out on a grounder. Tapia’s thrown out. McMahon thrown out. I tell ya’ that Lynn is HORRID.

End of seven: Rockies 2, Rangers 2

Well what do you know, now Dietrich is in the game, imagine that. If I had a chain like his my husband wouldn’t even notice my hair! (Oh yeah Bard is pitching now.) Dietrich takes a pitch to the right ankle and is awarded first. Choo bounces one past first and Dietrich advances all the way to third. IKF hits into a double play but Dietrich scores and we have a lead for the first time in the game. Calhoun pops up and ends the inning.

It’s absolutely miserable, Lynn is back on the mound. I thought they’d put Dietrich in at second but he’s nowhere. TREVINO IS IN TO CATCH! Lynn strikes out Dahl. Hiliard in to pinch hit and Lynn strikes him out too. To make the inning complete he strikes out Hampson to finish the side. The tragedy of it all!

End of eight: Rockies 2, Rangers 3

Now on the mound for the Rockies is Diaz, who faces Gallo. Gallo strikes out. Frazier bounces one that gets past Diaz and no one can make the throw so he’s safe at first. Solak smacks one up the middle and into a double play.

Oh hell’s bells it’s Lynn again. Montero is warming up. Story flies out to center field. Blackmon thrown out at first by Andrus. Everything on the line, it’s Lynn against Arenado. He flies it out to center and Gallo makes the catch.

End: Rockies 2, Rangers 3.

Solak was amazing and Lynn threw a great (I can say that now) complete game. Y’all have a good night and don’t forget to tip your bartenders. I’m off to talk to my husband about his comment about my hair.