Rangers will pick 3rd in the 2022 MLB draft

The Texas Rangers season ended today with their 6-0 loss to the Cleveland Indians, who will be the Cleveland Guardians next year.

The Rangers end their 2021 season with their 3rd worst record (going by winning percentage) in franchise history at 60-102 win-loss record.

This is the first season since 1973 that they have lost 100 games. In 1972, they finished with a 100-54 win-loss record and in 1973 they finished with a 57-105 win-loss record.

The Texas Rangers were one of four teams to touch triple digits in losses this season: the Baltimore Orioles, Arizona Diamondbacks and Pittsburgh Pirates each lost at least 100.

The Rangers will be able to pick a solid player with the 3rd overall pick.

The 2022 MLB Draft order

PickTeamRecordWin %Previous Draft Pick (2021)
1Baltimore Orioles52-110.3215
2Arizona Diamondbacks52-110.3216
3Texas Rangers60-102.3702
4Pittsburgh Pirates61-101.3771
5Washington Narionals65-97.40111
6Miami Marlins67-95.41416
7Chicago Cubs71-91.43821
8Minnesota Twins73-89.45126
9Kansas City Royals74-88.4577
10Colorado Rockies74-87.4608
11New York Mets*Comp
12Detroit Tigers77-85.4753
13Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim77-85.4759
14New York Mets77-85.47510
15San Diego Padres79-83.48827
16Cleveland Guardians80-82.49423
17Philadelphia Phillies82-80.50613
18Cincinnati Reds83-79.51217
19Oakland Athletics86-76.53125
20Atlanta Braves88-73.54724
21Seattle Mariners90-72.55612
22St Louis Cardinals90-72.55618
23Toronto Blue Jays91-71.56219
24Boston Red Sox92-70.5684
25New York Yankees92-70.56820
26Chicago White Sox93-69.57422
27Milwaukee Brewers95-67.56715
28Houston Astros95-67.557Did not pick
29Tampa Bay Rays100-62.61728
30Los Angeles Dodgers106-56.65429
31San Francisco Giants107-55.66014

Stay tuned for a preview post on who the Texas Rangers could look at taking in the 3rd over spot in the 2022 draft.