Texas Rangers Instructional League update

Texas Rangers Instructional League update

We have a Texas Rangers Instructional League update amid all of the divisive election news. One thing can bring everyone together; baseball. Especially when we the update is a good one. The Texas Rangers Instructional League team has an overall record of 23-5-3. That’s impressive no matter how you spin it.

Now is the time for Texas Rangers fans to get excited about the future. I know that’s funny coming after a 22-38 record to end the 2020 season and a solid footing in the basement of the American League West. The Instructional League was crucial to try to make up some lost development time as the minor league season never happened.

The youngsters playing the are impressing the Rangers brass and the beat writers reported some exciting results.

TR Sullivan had the most detailed breakdown that I’ve seen on MLB.com.

Texas Rangers Instructional League Roster

Some highlights include Luisangel Acuña who is the younger brother of Atlanta Braves star outfielder, Ronald Acuña Jr.

Here are a couple of Twitter highlights

There is also good news regarding the performance of shortstop Chris Seise who has hit 4 home runs. He missed all of the 2018 season with a shoulder injury and played in 21 games in 2019 before suffering another shoulder injury.

I don’t want to put the cart before the horse but the pitchers are showing positive signs and progressing and that should have every Ranger fan excited. We’re talking about the guys that figure to be a big part of the Rangers future in the next couple of years, including Cole Winn.

For a Rangers team dedicated to providing more playing time to the prospects next year, now is the time for fans to start looking closer at prospects in the farm system. We plan on doing just that. Soon we will have a post about relief pitcher Cole Uvila – a name you should be familiar with.

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