Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers signed 17 international players

The Texas Rangers signed 17 International players in total last Saturday. I know, we’re late on getting this out but as the saying goes- it’s better late than never. A couple of interesting names were listed on MLB top International prospects list that the Rangers were able to come to an agreement with.

Both of the top signings happen to be outfielders. Anthony Gutierrez from Venezuela and Jose de Jesus from the Dominican Republic. The Rangers had $5,179,700 to spend during the International signing period which runs through December 15, 2022.

Of the two names listed, Anthony Gutierrez, 17, ranked No. 6 by MLB.com with Jose de Jesus, 17, ranked # No 27. The deal with Gutierrez was reported to have been $2 million and the deal with de Jesus for $1.2 million.

The Rangers farm system has recently been ranked among the top half of MLBs farm system at # 11 after being ranked towardsthe bottom of the league in previous seasons. These signings should help improve that ranking and improve the depth in the outfield position in the farm.

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