Eric Nadel signs two year contract extension

Eric Nadel signs two year contract extension

Great news for any Ranger fans on the day before Election Day! They have just made their best signing of the off-season. Our ears will be blessed with hearing the sweet sound of Eric Nadel’s voice traveling over the airwaves and broadcasting Texas Rangers baseball.

TR Sullivan reported on Monday that Eric Nadel, the Rangers longtime radio broadcaster, signed a two-year extension.

Eric will cover 127 games in 2021 and 117 games in 2022 with guys like Jared Sandler and Matt Hicks filling in for the rest of the games. Obviously, the Hall of Fame broadcaster has been a big part of the Rangers over the years. Nadel has called games including the 5,000th strikeout of Nolan Ryan’s career, the World Series calls in both 2010 and 2011 and Beltre’s 3,000th hit. He has won the Texas Sportscaster of the Year award eight times.

Eric Nadel has other accomplishments including writing his Lim-Eric book, which is full of baseball limericks.

No one expected Nadel to go to another team as he just finished his 42nd year with the Rangers.

I’ll have to say my favorite is absolutely, in 2010 when Neftali Feliz struck out Alex Rodriguez. “The Rangers are going to the World Series”. Here’s to hoping that he gets to say that again in the next couple of years.

What has been your favorite Eric Nadel call?

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