Not Your Daddy’s Recap for 9/11/2020

Welcome to “Not Your Daddy’s Recap” and week 1432 of being in quarantine. I don’t know about you but I’m going stir crazy. Not only am I cooped up but I’m cooped up with a squad of children. Send margaritas!

Tonight the Rangers face the A’s, but the most exciting event is that Sam Huff has been called up. He’s one of two players I’ve been waiting for to get the big call (the other: WHERE IS DEMARCUS EVANS?!?!?). He’s a top prospect but the jump from single A to the Bigs is, well, a big one.

The roof to the cathedral is open and that was not wonderful for us the last time they did that.

If you’re new to “Not Your Daddy’s” know we do things a little differently around here. Don’t expect a play-by-play but do expect me to share whatever’s on my mind. Grab a drink (sodas are just fine) and take a drink every time Odor gets out.

Garcia is in to pitch in the first as the Rangers go for an opener this game. He walks La Stella. Huff frames a great ball a touch high out of the zone and gets the second strike to Semien, but it’s another walk. Garcia is just not finding the zone. It’s three straight walks and Julio is out to the mound with Herget warming in the pen. It seemed the smart thing to start someone with experience in Garcia but he doesn’t seem to have anything tonight. Grand slam for Olsen and now we’re already down 4-0 when the A’s have only have one hit. This is not great harbinger of things to come. Woody is out to pull Garcia. One batter too late. Herget now in to pitch to Canha and walks him in four pitches. It’s not Huff’s framing, these balls have been so far off the plate I think they could run the bases themselves. High ball gets away from Huff and Canha advances to second. Lyles is up in the bullpen. Grossman pops it up and we finally have our first out. Davis strikes out. Machin pops out to left and we’re finally out of the half inning.

Fiers is pitching and Taveras is leading off for the Rangers. He bounces one up the middle for a lead off single. IKF works it to a full count but hits into the double play. The Rangers challenge the out at second and it’s reversed, Taveras if safe. He then steals third. Solak is thrown out at first but Taveras scores. We are at least on the board for one. Gallos strikes off of the wall and it’s good for a double. Andrus thrown out at first.

First rule of big family quarantine: Masks, Masks, Masks. Everyone gets three of their own, and then since of course they’re going to lose them you have a big pile of them for “just in case.” And don’t forget to wash them all after every wearing!

End of one: Rangers 1, A’s 4

Murphy starts the A’s right off with a home run off Lyles who is now in to pitch. La Stella grounds one through to right for a single. A balk gets La Stella to second. Semien drops one into center for a base hit and La Stella advances to third. Laureano strikes out. Olson gets a base hit to right, La Stella scores and Semien moves to third. Canha hits a sac fly and Semien scores. Walk for Grossman. Julio out to talk to Lyles and Huff. Honestly I do not think this horrendous pitching is on Huff. Ground ball to Andrus, short throw to Odor and they get the out.

Odor tagged out on the run to first. DRINK! Guzman flies out to center. Huff is at the plate. He strikes out in three pitches. They need to close that roof.

Big family quarantine tip two: Set a schedule. Even if it’s just when everyone will change from their night pajamas to their day pajamas. Have chores or class schedules for the kids. Otherwise, all they do is eat. Quarantine groceries for six are expensive, y’all.

End of two: Rangers 1, A’s 7

Manchin bounces into left field for a single. Murphy hits one that bounces to Taveras and he misses it. Manchin on to third. La Stella singles, Manchin scores. A pop up to Guzman and an out a first get us to two outs total for the inning. Murphy and La Stella on third and second. Olsen pops up and IKF grabs it.

Tejeda singles. He strays too far off first though and Fiers picks him off. Taveras strikes out. Base hit by IKF to lengthen his hitting streak to 14 games. Solak out at first.

Speaking of groceries, which you will need a lot of, yes more than normal with everyone home and eating more than normal, choose pick up or delivery. Not an advertisement for Kroger but that’s the app and program I know the best. Use the app and add groceries throughout the week as you run out or think of them. When you’re done, submit the order and select a pick up time. They bring them right to your car, free of charge. Ain’t nobody should be crowding in a grocery store during a pandemic.

End of three: Rangers 1, A’s 8

Canha soars one out to Solak who makes the catch almost to the wall. Andrus can’t handle a ground ball and Grossman is on first. Davis pops out to Andrus. Manchin bounces to second and is thrown out. We actually get out of an inning without any scoring. I’m superstitious y’all and I’m telling you, we need to close the damn roof.

Gallo to start off for the Rangers this inning. He smacks one right to the first baseman and is thrown out. Andrus hits it through to right field for a single. Odor strikes out. DRINK! Guzman pops out to the catcher.

Gotta go out to get something? Pick one person, no need to make this an outing for the family. Less people out, less germs.

End of four: Rangers 1, A’s 8

Murphy thrown out at first. La Stella flies out to center. Semien hits a double into the left outfield corner. Laureano gets a walk. Runners on first and second. Lyles strikes out Olson.

Huff is up for his second at bat. He hits it out to left center but Laureano catches it. SO CLOSE to out. Someone push the button to close the roof. Tejeda strikes out. Taveras flies out to left.

The one who goes out comes home as if they have been exposed. Clothes and mask in the washer. Wipe down your shoes. Take a shower. If anyone catches anything in a big family you may as well know you’re all gonna get it, so take extra precautions.

End of five: Rangers 1, A’s 8

Canha flies out to center but Taveras is there for the catch. Grossman homers. Andrus makes a great stop and throw to Guzman who digs it out and they get Davis at first by a comfortable amount. Gallo catches the third out.

Solak grounds out. Gallo strikes out. I miss an out somewhere. PUSH THE BUTTON.

Speaking of things spreading throughout a big family, did you know you can actually have COVID and the flu at the same time? We will all be getting flu shots this season.

End of six: Rangers 1, A’s 9

Murphy is down on strikes. We’re back to La Stella again who is 2 for 3 tonight. He flies out to Taveras. Semien out at first.

Andrus homers. WHOO HOO ANOTHER RUN! Odor walks! Guzman walks! That’s it for Fiers at 100 pitches. Here comes Huff again, fingers crossed the man gets his first hit…he’s on with a walk, so bases are loaded with no outs. They bounce into a double play but Odor does score. Wild pitch scores Guzman. Taveras walks. Wendelken is not phenomenal on the mound. I missed Tejeda somehow. IKF is up and strikes out.

Another major thing in quarantine with a big family? The laundry multiplies. I don’t know how it does it when everyone is in PJ’s all day, but it does. Everyone gets assigned a day of the week to do their own laundry so it doesn’t pile up and there’s no fighting over the washer and dryer.

End of seven Rangers 4, A’s 9

Laureano thrown out at first. Olson strikes out. Lyles is at 108 pitches and Chavez is warming in the pen. Canha strikes out.

McFarland in to pitch. Solak earns a walk. Gallo foul tips a ball into the catcher’s mitt. Andrus strikes out. ODOR HOMERS AND OH MY GOODNESS YOU DIDN’T WANT THAT DRINK ANYWAY! Guzman strikes out.

Look to the positive. You definitely get more time to spend together as a family so make the most of it. Movie watching, game nights, screaming at the Rangers game. Cherish those moments.

End of eight: Rangers 6, A’s 9

Chavez in to pitch. Grossman singles to right field. Davis singles. IKF grabs a fly ball. Chavez issues a walk. Bases loaded with one out. LISTEN, SHOW ME WHERE THE ROOF BUTTON IS AND I WILL PUSH IT MYSELF. La Stella hits a sacrifice fly and Grossman scores. There’s the 10 run curse of the open roof. Semien flies out.

Soria to pitch. Huff at the plate. He strikes out, so no first hit today. Nice hit into center for Tejeda. Taveras foul tips into the catcher’s glove. IKF flies out. Game over.

Some of these tips may seem extreme to some of you but there’s one thing we decided as a family; we’d rather look back and think we were being silly than look back and regret that we didn’t do enough. Good luck to you and yours during this unusual time.

End of game: Rangers 6, A’s 10