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Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers move up 3 spots in 2023 draft

MLB held its first ever draft lottery tonight during the Winter Meetings. The Texas Rangers will have the 4th overall pick in the 2023 draft. They moved up three spots with 5.50% odds.

Here are the top 10 picks with their 2022 record and the 2023 draft order after the lottery.

  1. Pirates (62-100): Up 2
  2. Nationals (55-107) Down 1
  3. Tigers (66-96): Up 3
  4. Rangers (68-94): Up 3
  5. Twins (78-84): Up 8
  6. Athletics (60-102): Down 4
  7. Reds (62-100): Down 3
  8. Royals (65-97): Down 3
  9. Rockies (68-94): Down 1
  10. Marlins (69-93): Down 1

Moving up three spots can be a big help with once again strengthening the farm system, especially since the Ranger will be giving up the compensation pick to the Mets for signing Jacob deGrom.

The lottery picks are only for the first round. The 2nd round onward is the inverse order of each teams standings in 2022.


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